Thursday, October 21, 2010

{waiting for the paint to dry}

Its hard to see but the old paint is a green.
 The new is also a green just a bit more vibrant.
Both are just does not show in the photo.
Ginger snaps and spicey tea.....what better way to wait for the paint to dry!

Peace and Love,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Major projects {one baby step at a time}

Here at the Bluebird Cottage I have pretty much started this blog and never posted much here. Well I'm trying to change that. I have buckets of paint and a new vision for my home. {or should I say...I finally have the motivation to "get it done".}

These are a few of the colors we got for the job!
 The first project I want to complete by Sunday is paint all my wooden chairs (4)......each a differnt bright color! Noah just painted one just now in the backyard! I need to check the thrift store for a few more wooden chairs so I can swap out my stacking resin patio chairs.

Noah picked Pumpkin Orange for his chair!

I will be posting every few days here at this blog.
 I hope if there are any readers out there stop in and say hi!

Peace and Love,