Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cherry Red For Valentines~

I'm really digin' my new rug! I love bright colors! I have several of these colors through out my house. When I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets I and thought I was going to change things up a bit...then I got this new rug and I have found out I do like the color pallet I have. I just need to freshen it up a bit! I was going to paint the rest of my cabinets white but now don't know?! I'm taking things slow!
I did paint my caninets under my kitchen sink a bright red is how I did it.
Take a look at my inspiration kitchen HERE!

Kelly over at Rose Vine Cottage Two has been very helpful in my venture! Thanks Girl!

I hope you enjoy the Before and After pictures!

To get started I gave a quick sanding to my wood cabinets to take off the clear varnish.

Step 2 I did 2 coats of white Kilz primer and stain blocker (I wanted it to show when I sanded some of my red top coat to show wear)

Step 3 Painted 3 coats of my top coat {Cherry Divine by Valspar from LOWES}

Now its time for the hardware! And step back and check it out! If the color is not what you thought....its just paint. You can change it!

How do you think I did? I thought the red was to bright at first but I really like it! I'm so jazzed!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look Quick...My House Is Clean!

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Feel free to leave a comment or decorating ideas!


Monday, February 9, 2009

One Of My Favorite Places In The House~

Sitting in the girls bedroom is one of my favorite places in the house.
The room if full of vignettes and old things from my Grandma! This blue chair beckons me to sit and read to my girls. I sometimes use this room as my hideaway for my daydreaming! I want to find a cuter shelving system to house all thier old vintage toys! Their room is a work in progress. I want to paint the crib white and do some other projects....

Peace in Christ,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My First Post~

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Welcome to my project blog~ Here is a slide show of some of my upcoming projects. I hope you will come back often to see the updates and progress as I transform my ordinary house into a vintage shabby chic work of art!

My main blog is The Garden Gate. I post there most often! Come Say Hi!